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“A good shirt will always find a place in a sophisticated wardrobe, whatever the season is”. Every day, people from different fields join forces to create a product that has been thought out to the smallest detail. Shirts are a classic choice that never goes out of style, and the Huginn Muginn brand pays particular attention to functionality and ceativity.

The name of the Huginn Muninn brand has a kind of mystical ring to it. What’s encrypted in the Huginn Muninn brand name? Share the story behind the name.

To begin with, Huginn Muninn was born in Iceland, and the brand’s name comes from the old Scandinavian myth of the god Odin and his faithful ravens, Huginn and Muninn. These ravens used to fly around the world and bring news to Odin. Huginn represents Odin’s thinking and Muninn – his memory. The Huginn Muninn logo, which can be found embroidered under the shirt’s collar, captures the flight of these two symbols of curiosity. We hope that our customer, like these ravens, is also eager to reach uncharted lands.

Moreover the Huginn Muninn‘s shirt is like a reminder that every day is an adventure. As Huginn Muninn continues its journey in Lithuania, the name has also taken on a symbolic meaning for the team – a constant reminder of the brand’s roots and values.

Can you briefly introduce the Huginn Muninn team?

We are lucky to have a very cross-disciplinary team that includes not only the creative heart, but also our production team of technologists, cutters and seamstresses. It’s a truly unique experience when professionals from different fields join forces to create a product that has been attentively designed to the last thread. Furthermore, we are also developing a friendship with designer Dainius Bendikas, who brings innovative construction techniques and concepts to the Huginn Muninn brand.

You’ve chosen to focus on one of the most functional style accents – the shirt. What inspired this choice?

One of the reasons is the functionality of the product itself. Shirts are a classic that never goes out of style. Whatever the era, a good shirt will always find a place in a sophisticated wardrobe. It should be noted that our production team has specialized in shirts since 1967. They are among the most experienced shirt experts in the Baltics, and we are happy to take full advantage of their expertise and know-how.

By the way, we can lift the veil of mystery and share that we have been experimenting with the concept of a clothes capsule for some time. Very soon we are launching some new products that will fit perfectly with our shirts.

You give new constructions, silhouettes and play with colors to shirts that have become timeless classics. How would you describe the aesthetic your brand creates?

We try to stay true to our roots when designing our shirts, which is why we find inspiration in the Scandinavian lifestyle and aesthetics.

Huginn Muninn’s design is memorable while still being practical and high quality. Although the shirts may look ordinary at first glance, even so they all feature a small, distinctive detail. This is not an eye-catching solution but a very functional detail that only the user recognises.

How do you use the term sustainability? How is sustainability reflected in your creative processes?

For us, sustainability is an integral part of the brand. It follows a wide range of creative choices, from choosing environmentally friendly fabrics and buttons to eco-friendly packaging and the rejection of plastics.

However, one of the most important steps towards sustainable fashion has probably been the shift from batch production to individual production. We only produce shirts after receiving a customer’s order, thus avoiding leftovers and personalizing the product (we can embroider the customer’s initials too). Although the customer has to wait for the shirt, they are giving their vote for slower fashion and more thoughtful solutions.

How do you think consumer attitudes are changing towards fashion? Which fashion product features do they prioritize?

Slowly, but more increasingly people are moving away from fast-fashion products. Consumers are starting to value quality. They are looking for clothes that will last for many seasons, are curious, sensible and want to know what materials the products are made of and who made them.

Do you feel a sense of community among designers in Lithuania? Do you talk to each other or discuss creativity?

It’s always fun to meet and talk to local designers at various events, find out more about their work and how they are doing.

Tell us what the Huginn Muninn design space looks like?

Huginn Muninn’s design is born between two cities. The office in Vilnius, where creative ideas and important meetings take place, and the high-tech factory in Ukmergė, where the shirt goes from a drawing to a finished, packaged and ready-to-ship product.

What kind of music could we hear playing in your creative studio?

As our team members are quite different, the music we listen to is also different and colorful. We find a lot of inspiration in Icelandic music. For instance, you could discover Sigur Ros, Vok, or composers Daníel Bjarnason and Úlfur Hansson in our playlist.

What would a summer combination with a Huginn Munnin‘s shirt look like?

In this case, Our Andrumsloft unisex shirt in a milky color is a perfect choice this summer. They are made from an ultra-lightweight, silk-like lyocell fabric.

With its slightly flared silhouette and slits at the sides, it’s easy to combine with your chosen look, whether classic or street style. Also, we recommend going for a monochromatic look this summer and pairing this shirt with a light-colored T-shirt, jeans (or trousers), and sandals.

A slow and lazy summer day – how would your brand team spend it?

Morning inspiration-seeking in the art gallery followed by a team brunch discussing art and future/ongoing projects.

What areas of design or art inspire you the most?

Huginn Muninn draws ideas from different art movements. Moreover, we keep returning to the theme of creativity in our collections. Each new line is inspired by a different art movement.

As an example, in the Spindrift collection we were inspired by the music of Icelandic composer Daníel Bjarnason. Second, in the Architecton collection we were influenced by Icelandic architecture. Finally, in the Sandfok collection we were encouraged by photographers who capture nature and the elements in their work.