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An online marketplace that connects local designers is a platform that empowers creators in your community to showcase and sell their unique products and services. It allows you, as a buyer, to discover and support talented designers while providing a convenient way to shop and purchase locally-made products. By shopping on this platform, you not only have the opportunity to find one-of-a-kind items, but you also have the chance to positively impact the local economy and support the growth of small businesses in your community. 

popup.lt creates exclusive spaces for creators by allowing them to focus on their creativity by taking care of the marketing, IT and administration so they can thrive and become the ambassadors of the conscious design movement. 

In the conscious design movement, we work with relevant and valued local designers while at the same time inviting undiscovered local designers who are emerging innovators with strong principles and values to join. Trust is the value that creates the conscious design movement between clients and designers. That’s why we talk, discuss and actively build this relationship not only in the virtual popup.lt space, but also at live events.

We empower and invite you to be ambassadors of the conscious design movement. Make popup.lt your virtual creative studio, where you can see creative experiments, the latest ideas, and unrestrained creative freedom. Share your latest work and surprise popup.lt visitors by inviting them to become part of the movement.