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Hey, bird! Looking for a place to stay? MARCH fold-out birdhouse is designed to blend in with modern city architecture and has easy assembling technology, just pull the ropes and voila! Place it on a house wall, tree, or balcony – birdhouse location is always central, not far from main attractions, like trash bins and farmers market. A birdhouse is made for smaller birds (sorry pigeons) and has large wooden roof terrace you can hang out with other feathered friends. Inside you will find everything you need, like a rope to chill on. Bird BnB comes with full breakfast, whatever your human neighbor is having that morning: granola, croissant, or nachos. So, stay as long as you want, but remember – no loud twittering after midnight.

fold-out, easy & quick assembly – no tools necessary.
Designed for small garden birds.
Complies with birdhouse requirements.
Long-lasting. Easy hanging on many objects.
Extended roof for protection against predators.

Size: 27 x 12 x 33 cm



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