Natural face serum with rose and honeysuckle


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100% natural, handmade

For dry, sensitive, fragile, flabby, tired, flaky skin.
Silk texture and a special rose scent serum.

Rose substances have the ability to reduce stress and fatigue, and help the skin regain its glow and freshness.
 For more than 15 years we have been developing natural cosmetics that have been proven to be effective in solving dry, sensitive skin with a balanced complex of high quality 100% pure unrefined sea buckthorn, argan and raspberry seed oils. Enriched with rose essentials and rose gem (bud) extract, the serum helps the skin to regain its freshness and glow, reduces dryness and sensitivity.

for daily use. In the morning and in the evening apply a few drops of serum to your moist face and neck. You can moisturize the skin with rose, geranium or any other your favorite hydrosolt for dry skin.

Created and handmade in our laboratory, Vilnius, Lithuania.
No preservatives and colorants
Store in cool, dry place and protected from light.

Gemmo-cosmetics is a novelty not only in our studio, but also in the whole world of cosmetics. The first part of this compound word – “gemmo” – comes from the Latin word gemma, which means not only a gemstone, a pearl or an engraved gem, but also a bud – an embryonic plant shoot.
 In these novel cosmetics we use the extracts of tree buds – what is the most valuable and immortal in the plant. In the meristem of the buds lies all the vital forces of the future plant.
 This phytoembryotherapy of plant tissues can be successfully used to restore skin cells, to enhance vitality and to remove impurities and toxins. 

The active ingredients contained in the bud extracts, acting in conjunction with the components of the cosmetic product (oil, cream, etc.), enhance the barrier or protective function of the skin, reduce the evaporation of the water, thereby acting as a moisturizer and softener, as well as protect the skin from the sun and frost and nourish it.

The product is sustainable - made from recycled materials and ethically sourced with the least possible impact on the planet.
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