Sustainability is one of the most popular words used in the context of fashion and design, for which the unified meaning is debated globally by many industry professionals.

For the popup.lt platform, this concept means the positive progress of designers’ creativity and consistent steps, looking for nature-friendly solutions and encouraging conscious consumption. The main starting points toward a more sustainable future are the use of organic, recycled, or less polluting materials, local production processes, and the philosophy of conscious consumption.

Throughout the years of our work, communicating with designers from various fields has ensured us that sustainability covers an extremely wide range of consumption areas. It is so wonderful to see Lithuanian design brands improving rapidly and incorporating more innovative and environmentally friendly solutions into their production processes. For a design brand, sustainability-oriented activities do not become the fulfillment of short-term initiatives but rather an integrated part of the brand development process.

Clothes made from textile scraps, recycled materials, or soy wax candles poured into containers made from used glass bottles are just a few examples that illustrate the application of different sustainability principles in the creation process of design objects. These inspiring examples make you happy and encourage you to look for solutions that are not always the easiest to find.

On the popup.lt platform, every designer, after evaluating their production processes, decides how sustainable their product is. A product that fits into the sustainability category can be made from recycled textiles, textile waste, materials that cause less damage to the environment, and using handwork or local production resources.

We see sustainability in fashion and design as a continuous learning process where successive steps and experiments bring about positive change.