The popup.lt community could describe this summer as a coincidence that made beautiful and magical things happen. Many terrific local professional designers joined the idea of spending this summer in the magical space of Nida. During these three months, we have all created a beautiful experience that we invite you to look at with love and attention.

Over the summer, the popup.lt was located at the Creative Guest House “Plunksna.” This house is called creative because it used to be the home of the Writers’ Union. The house was not lacking in creativity then or now because it is the place where all of Nida’s nature comes together: on one side, you can see the Nida Lighthouse; on the other, the Curonian lagoon, the Baltic sea, and the most beautiful dunes. Inspired by summer nature, in a few days, we managed to transform this space from a restaurant to a space where the best local designs come together for the whole summer.

How it all started

And what the opening and the whole season looked like

In this magical space we had many exciting events and taste discoveries throughout the season in Nida. The Acala Premium Kombucha brand and its manager Martynas Žemavičius hosted a degustation. He explained the unique way the teas are selected and all the flavors of the drinks are discovered. For example, the tea selection for Acala Premium Kombucha is made in a “blind” way, meaning that only the tea and the numbers are preserved in the room. The tea is selected purely through the sense of taste, with no consideration given to price, manufacturer, etc. These are the specifics we only learn at degustations!☺

Before the “Ant Bangos” summer festival, we created individual and exceptional combinations for the festival participants with designers Lina Andriukone and Erika Paulė. And the loudest music and dance moves found their place at First Time DJ’s Nida.

Take a look! Will you be dancing and designing new looks with us in Nida next year?

For those who haven’t discovered local design yet, welcome to www.popup.lt!

And with the start of the new season, we thank all the designers who created popup.lt goes Nida together. Designers who resided in the iconic space of Nida: Shumahats, Lina AndriukoneŪkai, VAIVA, NebegėdaMorta NakaitėSupernormalMake Heads TurnSoliduLA NAYA chocolate, Energijos produktaierikahocAcala Premium Kombucha, Kvapų namai, UogaUoga, Ingile, Lynx, Inavati, Greito gyvenimo lėti pokalbiai, Renovatedshit, Tadam!, GRETES.