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Things that are persistent and clear always remain contemporary and relevant.

In 2015, popup.lt began its journey by uniting authentic and growing local designers during organized instant events. The range of events and the unique atmosphere created a series of strong and high-quality design events, allowing us to shape our vision’s direction successfully.

popup.lt events took place in unique venues, such as prestigious modern art attraction centers, former prison spaces, and the summer-long popup.lt goes Nida concept.

The popup.lt’s identity is inspired by museum spaces. It is a platform where the most exceptional local creators are selected and introduced to all lovers of authentic ideas. It is also a space where designers meet, create, learn and collaborate on exciting and unseen projects & design expressions. Trust is the value on which we build the relationship between customers and designers. We take the time to select local designs that are individual, exceptional, and responsible.

Three colors of popup.lt. What do they stand for?

Above all, RGB makes it all! RGB – three colors that correspond to the receptors of the human eye. They are also the three values we see the whole popup.lt design community through. We are the beginning gene that lives among the public and designers.

Three colors, three values

R Why don’t we have discounts? We RESPECT the designer’s individual decision to value their work. That is why it is up to the designer to decide how much their product costs.

G We prefer to identify ourselves as a GANG, a community. We are the gang with our own rules, ethics, and the courage to bring the norms back to current days.

B Conscious and slow buying is the key to getting BACK to your origins.

What is the meaning of a marketplace?

Marketplaces are as old as trade itself. What started as large town squares has now evolved into modern and large shopping centers. Today’s commerce continues to grow and move online. Clearly, the rising costs of keeping a physical store are no longer worth the investment, which is why more and more developers are turning to online shopping. Without a doubt, this kind of marketing is the inevitable future for all of us.

Online marketplaces allow businesses to reach a larger audience, give shoppers more choices, increase brand awareness, get customer feedback, and expand sales coverage. Also, online marketplaces’ largest value-add to small businesses is access to more and better customers, compared to individual websites.

But why should we choose local design?

At this time, the most sustainable trade is that which takes place in the local market. Why? First of all, it reduces the negative impact on the environment. Local business does not entail long transport distances, which are time-consuming and costly. In addition, local designers tend to use local suppliers. This also creates added value and jobs in other local businesses.

It is essential to note that all local designers either handcraft their designs or employ people who are paid fairly and evenly for their work. This is a critical and humane point that impacts the development of countries. The last reason you should shop locally is that small businesses give back to the community. We have excellent examples of local designs which support organizations and help create a better life for the poorest people.

Visions of the future

A team is an essential part of a leading project, which is why In 2020, popup.lt became a permanent electronic platform, bringing authentic local design and community together under one virtual roof. Under this roof, we will welcome the whole popup.lt family, including team members, investors, designers, and clients.

This gang grows bigger, stronger, and more dynamic every day. It’s great to see community members joining us, so support your local gang and be part of a vibrant and growing community.

For all designers interested in discovering more about popup.lt and becoming part of the gang -> LEARN MORE AND APPLY.