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popup.lt creates exclusive spaces for creators seeking recognition and commercial success. This is the place for those who want to meet and show their work to those looking for it. We work with brands that are already valued and relevant today. At the same time, we observe and appreciate the works of unseen, interesting creators whose artistic expression and creative ambitions are noticeably growing.

We are here to pave the way for the local creators and help their works find people’s homes and hearts. Therefore, we talk, discuss, and create an active connection with the viewer not only here, in the virtual popup.lt space, but also at live events.

We provide an opportunity and invite you to be active ambassadors of your own creation. Turn popup.lt into your virtual studio, where your creative experiments, freshest ideas, and creative freedom can be seen. Share and showcase your latest works daily so everyone can know what you’re living by today. Surprise and earn the attention of popup.lt visitors by inviting them to become your fans.