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During the “Smart Pop Up“ event, different spaces inside Lukiškės Prison 2.0 will perform different functions. By getting to know the authentic locations, event guests and community members will be able to explore the work of local designers, an exhibition of artists’ works, and a space for discussions.

Courtyards – designed in a never-before-seen Vilnius space

During the “Smart Pop Up“ event, relevant creators will be located in the Lukiškės prison 2.0 courtyards, which are open to the public for the first time. The Lukiškės prison 2.0 team says that in this type of premises, people awaiting judgment or serving a sentence used to go for a walk. The courtyard spaces were also used for communication, even though prisoners were separated by walls. Each courtyard is entered through a purple door and is distinguished by authentic drawings.

Together with the local design community, we aim to surprise the guests of “popup.lt” instant events by inviting them to exclusive city spaces where design, art, education, music, and community atmosphere intertwine. This “Smart Pop Up“ is special. Local designers and Ukrainian creators will present their works in the conceptual space that is being opened for the first time. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the creators in person and discover the historical space of the capital.

Walking courtyards open for the first time. Photographed by Monika Penkūkū.

Two days of design education and discussions in the church hall

“Smart Pop Up“ – is a design event that doesn’t draw boundaries. It’s a place where, together with the creations of designers, we aim to talk about the current topics and pay attention to discussions curated by industry professionals.

May 13-14, in the space of the magnificent St. Nicholas’ Church in Lukiškės prison, educational activities will be dedicated to both design professionals and beginners. Experienced industry representatives, including “Startup Wise Guys”, representatives of “The Knotty Ones” and “March” brands, will present trends in fashion technology and talk about investments in the field of sustainability and the intricacies of brand expansion abroad. Rolandas Žigonis and Daumantas Lukošiūnas will also be waiting for you in the art workshop.

Photographed by Monika Pankūkū

Art exhibition and live talks with creators

Combining different disciplines while creating a close-knit community of local design and creators is at the center of our work at “popup.lt”. Which is why special attention is paid to artists speaking on the current topics during our instant events. This time during our “Smart Pop Up” event, on the first floor of St. Nicholas’ Church (on the way to the education-lecture space),  everyone will have the chance to see the exposition of the project “365utopia” by I. Maldaus, R. Žigonis, and S. Mankevičius.

Photographed by Monika Penkūkū

The event will feature fashion, jewellery, beauty and food brands including Renata Mikailionytė, „FUMparFUM“, „Flowers & Lovers“, Laimė Kiškūnė, Morta Nakaitė, „Huginn Munnin“, „NappingBear“, Lina Andriukonė, „Between“, Katia Beslik, „Shumahats“, „Acala“, Ramūnas Dagys et al.