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Suddenly we all woke up in a different world, and many of us are constantly thinking about how we can support Ukraine.

We all follow a stream of information on dozens of different channels, and this stream never ends. There, we hear not only the shocking facts but phrases and sentences that acquire a new, symbolic meaning in just a few days.

On February 25th, we heard the courage of Ukrainian border guards in the phrase “Ruskij voyenyj karabl, idi nahui!”

These words have acquired a very clear symbolic meaning, which, in our opinion, today already includes not just the actions related to the military steps of the aggressor country. We, therefore, are using the phrase for a broader context.

“Ruskij karabl, idi nx!” – for us, this phrase means a clear position and solidarity for Ukraine, not only against military aggression. This phrase helps us talk about disinformation, Internet trolls, and other forms of actions of the aggressor country, which we continue to observe more and more.

popup.lt t-shirts with the inscription “Ruskij karabl, idi nx!” are becoming a tool for our team to contribute to the support of Ukraine in the way that we, and our community, can at this moment.

This phrase sounds broad, without the fear of swearing, which, when said in public, was previously replaced by a subtle silence or a few asterisks. Today we also send a virtual, friendly, and supportive fistbump to Lithuanian linguists, who refuse any censorship of the use of this phrase in public.

All the money collected for the t-shirts will go to the activities of the “Blue/ Yellow for Ukraine“ organization. We are happy and grateful to those who contribute to this movement with their work and services: photographer Kęstutis Žilionis, models Aistė Diržiūtė and Rolandas Biržys, pakuotėscentras.lt, and all those who share, wear, and support. Let’s stand together!

On March 1st, we transferred 2,740 Euros to the “Blue/ Yellow for Ukraine“ organization for the t-shirts you purchased. We hope that this is just the beginning.