Spiked Havoc Ring Silver


Make a statement with the Spiked Havoc Ring, a bold and powerful accessory that demands attention. Featuring a rugged and hammered surface, this open-ring design is accentuated by sharp spikes that add an extra layer of attitude. The unique style of the Spiked Havoc Ring is perfect for those who want to add a touch of edgy elegance to their look. Whether you wear it alone or stack it with other rings, this statement piece is sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression. Get ready to wreak stylish havoc with the Spiked Havoc Ring.


Material: sterling silver 925
Thickness: 3 mm
Height: 35.5 mm
Weight: 5 – 5.2 g (depending on the size)
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For an extra kick ring may be paired with Sleek Spike Ring Silver.

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The product is sustainable - made from recycled materials and ethically sourced with the least possible impact on the planet.
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