picnic/table cloth SAND



We were surprised ourselves how many people around the world don’t like to spend their time ironing the tablecloths. Probably this explains why MARCH tablecloths became so popular. It’s true that it’s made of TYVEK high density polyethylene (recyclable material!) and looks like it’s stylishly “crumpled”, but why not? Especially when such a tablecloth can be washed, it dries instantly and doesn’t need to be ironed.
In addition, MARCH tablecloth can be used indoors and outdoors. Not only for your picnic by the sea but also to protect yourself from the wind or rain. After all, sometimes breaking established rules is not only interesting but also convenient.

Features: indoor & outdoor use, ultra-light, washable, recyclable
Sizes: rectangle big 150 x 250 cm, square 150 x 150 cm


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