‘Idea sleep’ pajama set for women

‘Idea sleep’ pajama set for women


People say that if you want to remember what you studied during the day or solve a pressing problem, a good night’s sleep can be the perfect set up to tackle any creative dilemma. Need a little extra magic to get some quality shut-eye? Idea sleep pajamas will help you dive into a deep slumber and wake up with a clear-cut action plan to conquer the day. Good night!

This 3 pieces set combines:

A blouse
Oversized kimono shirt

100% printed linen
S, M, L sizes size guide here
sustainable and all-natural
tested on another napping bear-like yourself



Produktas yra tvarus - pagamintas iš perdirbtų medžiagų, etiškai su minimaliu poveikiu planetai ir/ar organiškas.
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