Golden Ear Pin
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Golden Ear Pin


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The idea behind this pin came quite simply. Some days I’d wish that others would really listen. Many hear, but so little truly listen to what you’re saying. And it’s so important to really listen to what others say, really listen to the way nature sounds – how the wind touches every article in it’s way, how the sea hits the shore, how the city talks with its cars and honks, how the water trickles down a narrow stream. But along all that, the most important thing to listen to is what you try to tell yourself, what your body keeps on asking and intuition.

Society, stereotypes and other negative comments way too frequently have a way to block what your body keeps on trying to tell you. Pin this deluxe zinc pin of a Golden Ear, and listen to your most important needs, and thoughts. The real happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts, so listen when your intuition tells you to leave a toxic place or person, listen when your body is shouting out “NO!” and be brave enough to say it loud and clear to see where life will take you!

It is also a perfect gift for true listeners, music lovers, Van Gogh fans or just a funny reminder for your friends to sharpen their ears sometimes!



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