Golden Bee Pin


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This stunning pin was inspired by buzzing honey bees in the flower fields, full of subtle scents of summer. A bee is the goddess of life, the matriarch of birth and friendships, brightness and personal power. It’s a timeless pin that stands out on every piece of clothing for ladies and gentlemen to wear as brooches on classic suits and scarves!
This massive beauty spreads the mood of love for nature and the sweet summer days, but also reminds you to be conscious of those around us! Bees, as small as they can be, are the contributor to a complex and interconnected ecosystem that allows so many different species to coexist. They support the growth of trees and flowers and so many other plants that are food and shelter for large and small creatures among us!
The golden colour of this bee pops on any dark outfit, making everything look more elegant and sophisticated while still carrying an important message! Support the change towards ecological farming and help protect our little neighbors! Save the bees!
A perfect gift for classy ladies and gents, or the friends who moved out to a farm – a truly golden gift, with no way of getting it wrong!



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