Floral arranger Flower Frog


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Flower Frog is a hand-made jesmonite floral arranger. It is placed on top of a vase or any other container to help arrange flowers and keep them in place. As well it adds an extra spark to any kind of vase or even a simple glass or jar. Flower frog comes in two sizes.

Jesmonite is a unique material that can mimic any finish or surface. It is strong durable water and flame resistant. It helps to create long-lasting high-quality products.

Colour hue that Flower Frog has is achieved by using pigments that are sourced from a tiny hindu family-run shop in Sri Lanka. It is a regional tradition to use pigments for various celebrations and studio Grey on Grey wanted to add a dash of festivity to their items as well.

Fulfillment of the order is up to 5 working days.

Made in Lithuania.

Dimensions: 9 cm x 0,5 cm



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