Enamel Pin Tired

Enamel Pin Tired


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To help you say that you’re physically, emotionally and mentally tired. When you’re tired of pretending. When you’re tired of being angry. When you’re tired of feeling stuck. When you’re tired of being different. But most of all, I’m just tired of being tired. Do you know the feeling when you are too tired to even talk about being tired? We’ve got a wordless solution!
If you’re making decisions while being tired, you’re basically ‘drunk driving’ your life. So sleep, rest and decide nothing until you feel okay, and in the meantime wear this pin to keep all curious minds away!

Or maybe you have a friend who went out with you back in 2009 because he was always tooooo tired?
Give him this pin as a gift, so he’d stop throwing around that little white lie! A clear statement without any hidden meanings.
Wear this pin as a statement on your sweater or jacket lapel, so it would be clear to everyone – you’re TI-R-ED.



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