Enamel Pin Sunflower Seed

Enamel Pin Sunflower Seed



The essential part of every street gopnik, hanging around the entrances of apartment buildings chewing on the sunflower seeds in between cigarettes, wherever they went – a trail of sunflower seed shells followed, if they stayed somewhere for a while, a little mountain of shells formed.

The sunflower seeds are more than a cheap and accessible snack that comes in different flavours, it’s one of the most prominent Eastern European heritage symbols. A pack of siemkos was a big part of the summer teenage years, of parties out at the farm, of Emir Kusturica films (you must see at least one of them!). But it’s also a great way to feed the birds (did you know that you shouldn’t feed birds with white bread?), they love sunflower seeds and will be super thankful for this treat!

A necessary addition to your outfit if you easily get the addiction for spicy sunflower seeds! He might say that he doesn’t like wearing accessories but wait till he sees this one…



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