Enamel Pin Pink Cold Soup

Enamel Pin Pink Cold Soup



Dating back to XVII this bright pink soup is a real cultural phenomenon coming from Grand Duchy of Lithuania! And when we say cold, we really meant it! The basis of the soup is marinated beets and sour milk (kefir). Then you add some eggs, cucumbers, dill and warm potatoes on the side. We know, we know – it sounds really weird but it’s a must to try! A true Lithuanian cannot imagine their summers without this famous dish, sometimes it’s even a real struggle to choose between ice cream or the pink cold soup.

Traveling through Lithuania in the summer you’ll find this dish in every local cuisine cafe or restaurant, and every grandma will share her own recipe on how to make the soup. The preparation is simple and hardly ever varies, but everyone has a specific way they like to eat their soup and are very vocal about it! They even fight about the real shortened version of “Šaltibarščiai”, whether to say “Šaltekai” or “Šaltibai”, so you can see that this pink cold soup holds quite a special place in our hearts! You must try it – it’s simply amazing!

It’s the perfect new accessory for a pink cold soup fan or a gift for a Lithuanian living abroad, to carry this piece of remembrance about their home country wherever they may be in the world.



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