Enamel Pin Pigeon
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Enamel Pin Pigeon


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The pigeon is a worldwide resident, except in the very distant and cold regions. But aren’t they the real city symbol? Since 4500 B.C. the pigeon was portrayed on mosaics and coins as a messenger and luck totem – being perhaps the first bird tamed by man, capable of living for 35 years!

These fellow habitants are quite intelligent birds, according to a new study if you “shoo” a pigeon, the bird will most likely remember you and know to stay out of your way next time you cross paths! These birds tend to mate for life and for that reason are considered a good luck omen regarding our love life…

If you think about it, every city is filled with thousands and thousands of these little grey love symbols strolling and flying around. Do you ever wonder if they know that?

Give this as a gift for every die-hard city fan, to at least carry some nature and life on their lapel in the midst of concrete buildings and sidewalks!



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