Enamel Pin Lighthouse
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Enamel Pin Lighthouse


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A homage pin to the port town kids, who have parted with the watchtower long ago. A lighthouse is somewhat of an archaic token – an ever-burning tower light, welcoming each vessel’s crew to shore. The nostalgic faded white and red colours, washed off by the clear water sea and lined with a milky sandy band. It’s a symbol of strength and a clear sense of direction, or the search for it. Oh summer, you’re so bright and carefree!

And if you think about it, isn’t there anything more modern in the XXI century? Some kinds of lasers, or radio waves or sensors to inform of the upcoming land? Maybe, it’s a gift that these new inventions never managed to override the lighthouse’s place, the father of guidance still stands as a romantic or nostalgic reminder of summer, sea and a slow slumber of rest.

Inspired by a specific lighthouse on a hill in Nida, a truly magical place on the Curonian Spit overlooking Lithuania’s border and gently washing up on the Baltic Sea. A place worth visiting at least once in your life!
Wear this pin on your bag, or scarf or lapel on the way to the sea. Let it soak up the energy of the waves, the sea and sand before coming back home and we promise you, it will manifest into a peaceful and calming energy. The perfect gift for sailors to remember their loved ones on land, awaiting for the day they come back home.



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