Enamel Pin Grandma

Enamel Pin Grandma



Grandmas with a scarf wrapped around their heads and tied under the chin. They’ve seen life, but are still full of energy even with so many bags in their hands – these are Lithuania’s and most of Eastern Europe’s most proud treasure! They’re at your local grocery shop or the market on Sunday mornings, they’re on the public transport or on a bench at the park. Sometimes it seems that they’ve disappeared, only to realize that our grandmas have become such a regularity, that we cease to notice them anymore.

We created this pin for the older generation of women, in hopes to show our respect and attention. A small gesture to your grandma and the other brave and wonderful women who are carrying the weight of this world in their bags! Lucky you, if you still have your grandma around – give her a call today and a little surprise visit on the weekend. Show of the love each day with a loving grandma on the lapel!

Profits of the first 100 pcs. went to a charity cause for older people “The order of Malta”



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