Enamel Pin Chanterelle
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Enamel Pin Chanterelle


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The idea for the Chanterelle pin was born when browsing through the Labanoras forest in Lithuania and digging through the mossy ground in search of the most beautiful chanterelles. A huge recommendation for locals and visitors as well to visit this breathtaking national park – it’s one of the most amazing, cleanest and authentic places on earth!
The chanterelle pops out of the moss with its bright color and that rush you get when you spot this beauty is astounding. In Paganism chanterelles were a token of good luck, and truly it’s a bearing of great luck if you manage to find them! Now, it’s a symbol of calmness and serenity of quiet autumn or summer morning hours spent browsing through the tree stems in search of luscious mushrooms. It’s really a nostalgic feeling from my childhood, when I’d watch the way my mom would cook chanterelles in our kitchen for dinner.
But truly, it’s the most simple representation of the most delicious mushroom found all throughout the world.
Give a gift of nature and memories to your family, friends or mushroom picking buddies! This little token of luck should lead the way to all the hidden mushroom treasures, fingers crossed!



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