Enamel Pin Cepelinai
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Enamel Pin Cepelinai


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Probably every culture has THAT ONE food about which you dream of when you’re away and homesick, the one you crave when the hangover hits, the ones whose recipe is passed on from past generations to future ones. For Lithuanians it’s Cepelinai – a potato dumpling made from mashed, boiled potatoes and a chosen stuffing which usually is minced meat or curd. The dumplings are layered with fried bacon bits, onions and sour cream. Sounds strange, but it’s surprisingly very tasty!

We made this pin out of admiration for the tradition, the taste and Lithuanian identity, celebrating the past and hopefully future generations that will continue on with the tradition and preserve its history.

A perfect gift for the guest who’s fascinated with Lithuania, the emigrant who longs for home or for yourself to spark conversations abroad!

Attach this pin to your sweater, or your tote bag on the way out of the house and enjoy the conversations yet to come!



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