Enamel Pin Adopt Don’t Shop

Enamel Pin Adopt Don’t Shop


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A course of change to bring love to animals who have been turned away from. We say a big ‘PLEASE’ for future pet owners to choose animal shelters and adopt the beautiful residents there. They need our love too!
We created this pin after realizing that people treat animals as objects. That some are loved more than others. That some are forced to reproduce, with people standing in line to pay huge sums of money for their offspring when there are thousands of animals deprived of love and attention waiting to be brought home completely for free! They only ask you for your love in exchange. This pin was made for those who believe in our statement that if you’d wish to care and love for an animal – you must visit an animal shelter first. Adopt don’t shop!
Limited Edition Pin. All profits from this pin goes towards a dog shelter in Lithuania called “Dogspotas”.



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