Chained Line Ear Cuff Silver


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Meet the Chained Line Ear Cuff – where modern elegance meets captivating vibes. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this unique accessory combines a sleek line cuff with a delicate chain for an epic effect. Made from top-quality materials, it offers a comfy fit and long-lasting durability.

Whether aiming for an everyday casual vibe or making a statement at special occasions, the Chained Line Ear Cuff offers versatile possibilities. Mix and match it with your favorite stud earrings to add a dash of intrigue to your ear stack!

Pro tip:

Pull the thinnest part of your upper ear taught and slide over the cartilage. Slide down and rotate until it sits firmly on your ear. Hang the chain behind any stud earring and secure with a push-back clasp.


Materials: Sterling silver
Ear Cuff thickness: 1.8mm
Chain length: 60mm
Weight: 1.28g
Pair the piece with our Women’s Earrings.

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Our jewelry is made sustainably by hand to last a lifetime.



The product is sustainable - made from recycled materials and ethically sourced with the least possible impact on the planet.
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