popup.lt history

In 2015, popup.lt began its journey by uniting authentic and growing local designers during organized instant events. The curated range of events and the unique atmosphere created a cycle of strong and high-quality design events, which allowed us to successfully shape the direction of our vision. 

During the year, instant popup.lt events took place in the most unique locations: prestigious modern art attraction centers, the space of a former prison, which has become a space of conceptual creativity, and many other places that surprised design fans. The growing concept of events has highlighted the importance of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and creativity in the context of design, making instant events a platform for professional discussion, creative workshops, artist exhibitions, and, of course, a place to learn about the authentic design of growing artists.

The events grew and transformed, along with the prestige of the initiative and the growing responsibility of popup.lt to represent the entire local design community. To be vocal and loud about it. To actualize the design community of growing creators and the creators who constantly complement this community with their uniqueness.

In 2020, popup.lt became a permanent electronic platform, bringing authentic local design and a constantly growing community together under one virtual roof.


Currently, our www.popup.lt platform unites relevant local creators as well as innovative and constantly improving brands. This platform is designed to invite visitors to virtually visit the creative studios of different designers, get to know the growing creators, and purchase their products.

Representing creators and creating and nurturing a strong growing community of designers are the main goals of popup.lt. So if you represent a unique design and quality brand, whether still growing or already having experience, contact us at https://popup.lt/dizaineriams/

The popup.lt platform launch partners are the IT services company TeleSoft and the strategic marketing and design agency EZCO Creative Agency.