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The strongest and most relevant creators of Lithuanian fashion will start the new autumn season at “Paupys Market”. At the fashion event organized by the platform “popup.lt”, on September 10-12, more than 20 fashion, design, and food creators and brands will present their products.

Among the participants of the event are some already well-known designers: Kristina Kruopienytė, Renata Mikailionytė, Lina Andriukonė, Ernesta Statkutė, “Terra recognita” by sculptor Saulius Vaitiekūnas, “Rudnė”, and “Anchovy”.

Lesser-known talents will be located nearby: exclusive shirt creators Huginn Muninn, linen casual suit design house Napping Bear, and more. This season “popup.lt” is special in that the event’s visitors will not only be able to taste the autumnal goodies of “Paupys Market”, but also participate in a disco, which will be ignited by some interesting creators making their debut as disc jockeys. Designers Lina Andriukonė and Robertas Ulinskas (Copper/Field Hemp) will be mixing some songs during the “First Time DJ’s” disco. Elas Ramanauskas, the food critic Urtė Mikelevičiūtė, photographer Santas Mankevičius, and the constantly traveling communication specialist/music lover Inga Norkė will also try themselves in a new role. 

Fashion in a conceptual space. “We want to nurture the tradition of communicating with emerging artists in Vilnius. After the quarantine, both creators and fans are longing for live events, especially those during which it’s possible to purchase valuable works and exchange new ideas at the same time”, says Erika Paulė, the organizer of the event and the founder of popup.lt.

According to her, the idea of ​​”popup.lt” events, which started 7 years ago, turned into a reality in 2020 and became a permanent online e-commerce platform. “We choose conceptual spaces for our fashion and design events. Communication and getting to know the creative process is important to us, so the market is very suitable for us as a public place where you can get to learn about what’s new, have a drink, eat and chat with friends you haven’t seen for a long time,” says Erika. She admits that she has always had warm feelings for the Paupys district and its spaces. Many like-minded artists and designers look for inspiration here. So while sitting in the “Paupys Market”, she came up with the idea to organize a meeting of artists and their admiring audience. In her view, the hustle and bustle of the market create a perfect synergy that accommodates everyone: designers, artists, creators, shoppers, food producers, friends, DJs, their kids, and even dogs.

“The market square is, above all, a space for community gatherings, which performs an extremely important social function. On the other hand, “bread and games” alone are no longer enough for a modern educated person. They need art, beautiful aesthetics, and a good mood. The Paupys district loves all types of arts, while fashion and design are the types of art that can speak to everyone,” says Rūta Chadasevičiūtė, manager of Paupys Market. According to Rūta, a certain decentralization happened after the “Paupys Market” opened, as some people began moving from Vilnius city center or the old town to Paupys. “The most important thing is that this circulation of people continues. And that is why we’re waiting for all the Vilnius residents and guests of the city to come to “Paupys Market” this upcoming weekend,” adds Rūta. Sustainable and fashionable Vilnius “I try to live sustainably and support local brands. When choosing things or clothes, I always check whether the local supply meets my preferences. I think we need to support our favorite local businesses and the arts ourselves. In addition, when you can meet the creator face-to-face, you purchase an item with a story, which creates additional value,” says the market manager Rūta.

Erika believes that we really do consume a lot, and we do it every day. “However, there is a big difference between a mass production made in other continents and a local small-run product. Although they are more expensive than mass-produced goods, the question is which price is fairer. Therefore, we always encourage both production and consumption to be more conscious, and conscious fashion is now a modern trend,” observes Erika. According to her, current residents of Vilnius are stylish; some of them could boldly show themselves in the most stylish areas of New York, Paris, or London. “On the street, I notice that people are not afraid to reveal their personality through their wardrobe, and clothes become a bright means of self-expression. Whatever you wear, you and your ideas are the most important, and sustainable clothing is a statement,” says Erika. She claims to notice that the people of Vilnius choose things more and more responsibly, are interested in the work of designers, and take up interviewing fashion designers themselves at various events. Erika’s “must-have” list this season is autumn-like: elastics, a cozy black blazer, and an oversized raincoat. She also pays attention to high-quality jewelry and accessories. Clothes, accessories, jewelry, and other beautiful or delicious things will also be available at the “popup.lt” event. Here, creators Ernesta Statkutė, “Anchovy”, “Terra Recognita”, “Cockoo”, “erikahoc”, “Legend of Tears”, “Spalvotos kojinės”, “RUTRUT” ceramics, organic food products from “Copper/ Field Hemp”, and “Užupių manufaktūros” will be showing their works.