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Get ready to experience a captivating blend of local design as we bring its magic back to Nida for one more season. This summer, we are bringing a new concept to Nida. Imagine: the sun-kissed mornings are filled with freshly brewed coffee, and the enchanting bubbles of Champagne Taittinger invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of the evening.

After last year’s overwhelming interest in local design, it was only natural for us to seek an opportunity to return to Nida for another unforgettable summer. This year, popup.lt has found its place on the serene shores of the lagoon, bringing together the vibrant design community. As you stroll along Nida’s picturesque promenade, the local design will invite you to pause and immerse yourself in the cozy Nida’s beautiful nature.

Community is at the heart of everything we do. With our new space in Nida, we’re thrilled to present an exciting list of events, tastings, and workshops. This is an invaluable chance for designers and local creatives to connect with clients, engage in vibrant conversations, and explore the distinctive aspects of local design. Through these interactive experiences, we aim to cultivate connections, inspire creativity, and provide a platform for designers to share their stories and build meaningful relationships with their audience.

This summer, we are looking forward to a magical personalized candle-making workshop with the Smells like Spells brand, a tasting of the increasingly popular sparkling tea with the founders of Acala, a personalized bouquet-making workshop with the young generation designer and creator Lukas Svirplys, a photo studio workshop with photographer Monika Pietaryte and Swedish painter William Robert Georg Klaesson. These are just a few events, and we will keep adding to the list of events throughout the summer.

popup.lt goes Nida Designers’ Residency is an excellent opportunity to come, feel and see the work of local designers up close and personal.

We will be waiting for everyone in Nida, G. D. Kuverto str. 2, III-VII 10-13 and 17-21.

Local designers who are residing in our new space of Nida: „Acala“, „Olfactory store“, „Vandalista“, „Sawanté“, „Lina Andriukone“, „Gretes“, „erikahoc“, „Smells like Spells“, „Nebegėda“, „Supernormal“, „Make Heads Turn“, „Shumahats“, „Emilly“, „Uoga Uoga“, „Leidykla LAPAS“, „glasses on“, „Aistishka“, „Adatytė“, „Alpacos“, „Sviestas sviestuotas“, „VAIVA“.