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Clothes should make our lives easier – precisely this view of values ​​that best conveys Lina Andriukone’s work. Finding beauty in minimalistic aesthetics and subtle details, the designer combines functional fashion with clear personal values ​​reflected in each of Lina’s creations.

Briefly tell us how you decided to create your own fashion brand?

I didn’t want to create a specific brand as I am a designer, and I like leaving some room for creating what I like and feel. Therefore, I work under my first and last name. The clothes I create match my lifestyle: they are minimalistic, light, non-committal, and harmonious. I believe that my brand reflects my taste, personal aesthetic, and approach to life, which is precisely why it’s named after me.

Lina, a clear, minimalist aesthetic prevails in your work. Why did you choose to go in this particular creative direction?

Yes, minimalism is the axis of my work, and I’m a complete minimalist myself. I want to encourage people to go in this direction through my work. I believe that clothes, like the rest of the household, should make our lives easier. Clothes must be simple but high-quality, matching one’s lifestyle and personality. Also, when the wardrobe consists of style elements that are easily combined, you don’t need many clothes because you feel good and confident with each of the ones you have. I find beauty in simplicity and subtle details.

Do you often wear your own clothes? Perhaps you could name a few style accents representing a kind of uniform for you?

I only wear the clothes I create, and I only wear what I want to wear myself. These are the clothes for my lifestyle that I wear and recommend to others. If I go salsa dancing and want to put on a blouse with a bare back and comfortable pants, I create such a combination. If I’m into yoga, I create a suit for this practice. If  I want a comfortable sports suit for when I walk my dog that would also be suitable for drinking coffee in the city and walking in the woods – I think of one. This is how all my clothes are born. Because I only wear my own clothes, they all reflect me: my personal style and lifestyle.

Sustainability is still a difficult concept to define. How do you understand the meaning of sustainability?

Minimalism is probably the true sustainability. Conscious, selective consumption, and reducing excess – to me, all of this means sustainability. Do we really need that many clothes? I have so much to say on this topic that I might write a book about it one day. By correctly choosing the minimum number of clothes that fit us and match one another, we can become much more sustainable than buying the same amount of organically produced items. I think we would be more sustainable if we chose one pair of trousers suitable for all occasions and three blouses to match them, rather than four pairs of trousers and ten organic cotton blouses. In my opinion, we can only make a difference by consuming less and more responsibly.

This year you started experimenting more with linen fabric. Why did you choose linen?

Linen is a wonderful, all-natural fabric. In fact, it is suitable for both summer and winter – it cools or warms when needed. Finding modern linen clothes that reflect today’s trends is still difficult. Still, I want to bring linen to the wardrobe of a younger person.

What do you think a person’s wardrobe should be? What is your own philosophy?

The most important thing is that the wardrobe should reflect a person’s individual lifestyle. Every single piece of clothing should bring you joy and ideally fit your individual figure and personal aesthetics. It is also very important that the clothes match each other – this way you’ll need very few clothes, which will significantly facilitate your dressing habits.

What does your creative studio look like? Does it reflect your personality?

My studio is extremely minimalistic. It allows me to concentrate and easily immerse myself in creation. Uncluttered space is very important to me.

Do you like to work/create in silence or with your favorite music playing in the background?

I create with my favorite music playing in the background. You can find this music on Spotify  and immerse yourself in my kind of vibe.

You live by the sea. Do you think that your hometown Klaipėda influences your work?

Unequivocally yes. Air, wind, sea, freedom, nature, peace – all this is definitely reflected in my work.

Do you have any daily rituals to help you prepare for the workday?

I get up early, and I allow myself to take my time preparing for the day. I drink coffee for a long time and calmly plan and think about the day’s work. Mornings are essential and pleasant for me.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I hope to meet many new people and infect them with the minimalism virus.

How would you describe a capsule wardrobe for the summer season? What are the must-haves?

A dress that’s suitable for all occasions, a casual linen suit, bralettes suitable for both sunbathing and going to town, and a thick warm vest for cool summer evenings.

Do you think there is a stronger sense of community among local designers?

Of course! It is very important for us to be together and to share our joys and difficulties. Together we are stronger!

Photographed by Domas Rimeika