The popup.lt initiative was born with a very precise vision – to unite relevant, authentic, local designers representing unique aesthetics and values. The beginning of popup.lt consisted of events held in exclusive Lithuanian spaces, which gradually and naturally led to an electronic platform, uniting designers under one virtual roof. We’ve been nurturing, restoring, and improving it since last December.

The past year, which has primarily existed in cyberspace, has been – let’s describe it with a safe word here – interesting. We’ve had to solve some puzzles. We’ve always tried to find the best solution. And YES, we’ve all missed the lively buzz, the sense of community, simple conversations with designers lasting just a few minutes or hours, fans of their work, or event visitors who are just discovering local creators. We feel happy and grateful (at this point, we could insert any words indicating positive emotions) that, although seeing each other’s faces through masks, we could finally meet in person this December! And we were able to do this with two Christmas events at St. Catherine’s Church and Paupys Market.

In this journal entry, we will not discuss the new reality, most of which exists in the electronic space, because we still want to allow ourselves to rejoice and reflect on the emotions created by the community, which we felt together in person this December.

Thank you.

We will not look for another, less used, or more original word, so we’ll just say it directly and precisely – you inspire. We value this inspiration, which allows us to continue nurturing the virtual www.popup.lt platform.

See you!